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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Feeling the crude temperature ahead of OPEC 173

The Oilholic has arrived in Vienna, Austria to gauge the crude temperature ahead of the 173rd meeting of OPEC ministers.

Going by the events of the last 24 hours, looks like the Russians, in town leading the 10 non-OPEC producers, seem to be giving the most briefings, and mostly to Russian journalists and analysts.

You could be forgiven for thinking they'd joined OPEC; but the Kremlin's message to analysts and scribes alike seems to be a simple one - the current production cut agreement reached in concert with OPEC producers for taking out 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) out of the market is valid until March 2018, so why tamper with it now? 

On the other hand the few odd soundbites coming out of OPEC seem to "express hope" the cut agreement, of which the cartel has a lion's share of 1.3 million bpd, is rolled over for a further nine months. With both parties not appearing to be on the same page, oil futures are sliding. 

At 7:45pm GMT, Brent is down 0.53% or 34 cents to $63.27 per barrel, while WTI is down 1.09% or 63 cents to $57.36 per barrel, making it a second successive session of intraday declines extending from European hours to US trading hours.

Expect more of the same, though OPEC's problem is the lack of an exit strategy, which is why some in its ranks want to kick the can down the road even if the Russians aren't keen. Meanwhile, since its been over 10 years of covering OPEC by the Oilholic, here's a look back at the last ten years for IBTimes UK. A whole lot memories, episodes and experiences to narrate

Finally, here is one's take on what to expect on IG Markets TV and Core Finance TV. 

And that's all from Vienna, for the moment folks! Plenty more to follow. In the meantime, keep reading, keep it crude!

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© Gaurav Sharma 2017. Photo: OPEC signage outside its secretariat in Vienna, Austria © Gaurav Sharma.