Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Forbes posts on very different matters

Dear readers, it has been an exceptionally busy month of April courtesy travel, speaking engagements and IBTimes UK affairs that have kept the Oilholic severely occupied to the near blasphemous point of ignoring this blog! Sincere apologies! However, one did pen thoughts down on two key matters via regular posts on Forbes

Earlier this month, petrochemical giant Ineos bought the UK's North Sea Forties pipeline system from BP. Obviously, its huge for Ineos which would have control of 40% of UK's oil and gas output, but the development is also indicative of a strategic shift of oil majors away from mature prospects to emerging ones. (Read more here). 

The second key matter is US President Donald Trump’s recent airstrikes on Syria, Afghanistan and his dispatching of an aircraft carrier group to the Korean Peninsula to square up to a belligerent North Korea and in defense of the South. As safe-haven asset prices soared, Brent has also marched back up to $55 and WTI back above $50. Go long if you want to, but the rally won't last - there's still too much oil in the system. (Read more here). 

That's all for the moment folks! Keep reading, keep it 'crude'!

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